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Our Mission

At Rosa’s Ridge, it’s our mission to produce superior ethical meats using a regenerative and holistic approach, and to get this produce into the hearts, bellies and homes of as many people as possible.


Our Produce

Raising our chickens with a focus on soil health and animal welfare directly on spray-free pastures and with a focus on ethical and holistic animal husbandry, produces premium, nutrient-rich and natural meats for your family table.



Our exceptional pasture-raised chickens thriving directly on spray-free pastures.  Experience with us our ethical and natural approach from brooding to harvest.

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Our Chicken Meat Box box is filled with favorites and seasonal chicken products; with each pack portioned, cryo-vaced and snap frozen to ensure you receive only the highest quality of meats full of healing nutrients.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating a whole pasture raised chicken, now is the time! Our chickens are moved to fresh pasture every single day and are free to scratch, perch, dust bathe, sunbake and have an entire buffet of different plant varieties, bugs and insects to forage on.

Here on the Ridge we make health a priority, from the ground up. We believe that by building healthy soil, we create an environment that supports healthy food systems and, in turn, the healthiest produce.

Rosa's Ridge
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Rosa's Ridge
Rosa's Ridge
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Health Benefits

When it comes to obtaining nutrients, it is always more favourable to consume real food sources rather than relying on supplements.

By making the simple switch to pasture-raised protein, you can effectively boost your body’s intake of vitamins and minerals.

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Our Blog



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